Just because you’ve decided to build a two-story Cape Cod home doesn’t mean it’s all settled when imagery of your future home surfaces in daydreams. If you’re working with an architect, he’s going to need a bit more tangible information before construction can begin!

This means meeting and brainstorming with an architect to choose a floor plan. A floor plan is a scale model sketch of a home or building that shows all the rooms, bathrooms, closets, doorways and windows. Floor plans are mostly used to help property owners decide which specific structure they prefer. There aren’t any notes for plumbing, electrical or other technical features, and it isn’t used by the contractor to put up the building.

Choosing a Floor Plan

  • Size and Cost – Decide how much room you’ll need for your family or your organization. If you have a two-story, 10,000 square foot office in mind, ask to see a floor plan like that. The same goes for a three-bedroom, two-bath home, otherwise you might fall in love with a floor plan for a structure you can’t afford! Find out the approximate cost to build each floor plan.
  • Style – When you build “from scratch” you can have any style or floor plan you desire. Whether it’s an open floor plan, master-on-the-main or a kitchen with a butler’s pantry, you can have it. Just remember that a Florida beach house would look silly on a farm in Iowa, and vice versa.
  • Layout and Flow – In choosing a floor plan, think about functionality, which rooms will be adjacent to one another, and how the rooms will flow together. Remember what you liked (and didn’t like) in other homes and offices. Don’t worry about carpet or finishes, just the “bones” of the structure.
  • Get an Opinion – Ask a real estate professional to “weigh in” on your floor plan choices. You don’t want to build a home or office that doesn’t “work” or wouldn’t bring a decent re-sale or rental amount.

Choosing a floor plan is a low-key and enjoyable experience with TMS Architects. Contact us today if you have questions about floor plans, working with an architect or restoring an existing structure.

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  • My wife and I have recently decided that we want to build a house. We are securing the property now and we would like to start designing the actual house. It can be difficult to know where to start, so I appreciate your article. I like what you said about layout, “think about functionality…and remember what you liked in other homes…”. This gives me some more things to research. Thanks for the ideas!

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