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Are you looking to customize your home? Do you want to bring character to an open, spacious backyard? When flower gardens and pools just aren’t cutting it anymore, and you want something that draws people toward your home, like a moth to a flame, you should consider installing a fire pit.

Why are they so popular? Unlike other household amenities, fire pits can be used throughout the year. During the winter they can be used as a source of heat, and in the summer, they can serve as the perfect hangout for cocktails and entertaining. All you have to consider is how it’ll fit in your home design plans.

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Just because you’ve decided to build a two-story Cape Cod home doesn’t mean it’s all settled when imagery of your future home surfaces in daydreams. If you’re working with an architect, he’s going to need a bit more tangible information before construction can begin!

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Hiring an architect is the highest level of service you can receive for a residential construction project. And, working with an architect is the best solution for the busy homeowner who doesn’t have the time to oversee a full-scale project day-in and day-out.

Just like you wouldn’t trust just anyone with your car, you should never hire a residential architect you aren’t 100 percent confident will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. After all, it’s your home; it’s your most valuable asset! Whether it’s a small-scale remodel or a whole-home renovation, there are several factors to consider before bringing an architect into the picture.

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