Are you looking to customize your home? Do you want to bring character to an open, spacious backyard? When flower gardens and pools just aren’t cutting it anymore, and you want something that draws people toward your home, like a moth to a flame, you should consider installing a fire pit.

Why are they so popular? Unlike other household amenities, fire pits can be used throughout the year. During the winter they can be used as a source of heat, and in the summer, they can serve as the perfect hangout for cocktails and entertaining. All you have to consider is how it’ll fit in your home design plans.

When deliberating whether or not to get a fire pit, here are several factors that you should consider before adding a one to your home:

Fire pit/ fireplace/ fire bowl

Built-in fire pits can either emulate modern or traditional designs. Fire bowls usually range from sleek and modern designs to rustic metal ones. Outdoor fireplaces tend to be more traditional. These home design ideas are all being used by homeowners to add style to the outdoors.

Home’s architecture

The design of your fire pit should match the architecture of your house but should not be limited by it. If you are having a hard time imagining how the completed pit will look, you should ask an architect to draw it for you. That way, you can rule out the designs that do not please you, steer clear of damaging existing structures and avoid wasting money.


How much money can you afford to set aside for this project? Do not feel the need to overspend as you can get cheap but stylish fire pits. To save on costs, you can purchase stones and build it yourself, but don’t forget that seating and accessories should also be included in the budget. Do not panic! There is a fire pit for every budget.

Permanent vs. portable

Do you want a lightweight fire pit that can easily be moved or a built-in one? Built-in fire pits are permanent and should thus be made to match your landscape. Portable fire bowls can be made from copper, cast iron or stainless steel. The latter do a better job of radiating heat.

When you’ve weighed these options, be sure to work with an architect like TMS Architects to ensure that your fire pit is safe and soundly built to handle the conditions of any region or season.