Are you searching for a way to introduce simple style into your home? Create a warmer atmosphere? Or, are you simply looking for a change from mundane, white surroundings?

Modern wood paneling is a fresh and inventive technique to instantly add warmth and comfort to a space. Whether you choose more conventional wooden walls or opt for something more unique, wood paneling brings the great outdoors inside the home and invites a peaceful, uncomplicated feeling. Wooden walls compel you to look up and down the entirety of the wall and show off gorgeous wood patterns.

Some of our most cherished stair designs involve wood paneling. We paired lovely, vertical wood paneling with this curved staircase to enhance the innate view from the entryway. High ceilings and curved walls are a wonderful equation for floor-to-ceiling wood paneling.

Photo: TMS Architects via Houzz

Perhaps one of the things that makes wooden walls so appealing is that they accentuate decorative accents with a sense of effortlessness and texture. Rather than attempting to over-do the wall decorations, it can be best to keep the focal points intentionally simple.

Photo: TMS Architects via Houzz

Undoubtedly, one of our favorite locations to integrate wood paneling is the kitchen, because with the right combination of sleek and modern, the final result is absolutely stunning. In the kitchen below, wood paneling and the skylight form the perfect marriage of rural and urban style.

Photo: TMS Architects via Houzz

A kitchen island is already a clear focal point in the kitchen, so side wood paneling is an obvious option and is easy to match to the cabinetry. Wood planks can be used in a polished, modern manner to add warmth to an intrinsically austere space.

Because of wood paneling’s inclination to look quite warm, it is a wonderful material to use to surround a structure similar to this mantle. Undoubtedly, it creates a cozy atmosphere fitting for a living space.

Ultimately, you’ll want to consider if larger or smaller scale wood paneling is more suitable for your lifestyle. A little can go a long way, so determine which look is right for you.

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