Historic homes generally don’t have a lot of natural light, but this is all part of the charm that draws us to them in the first place. With the vast choices available today, it’s possible to bring modern lighting into a historic home without compromising the architecture’s character.

Recessed lighting, with its unobtrusive design, is a popular choice when subtle light is required. Although drilling holes into the ceiling may be required, the mounts and frames can be matched to the ceiling color so they don’t stand out. This form of lighting also lends itself well to highlighting a focal point in your room, as well, such as a piece of art or a fireplace.

Task lighting is another great solution for areas where targeted light is required. Available in many styles and finishes that complement historic architecture, you can find fixtures that are reminiscent of the era your home was built in, while offering the convenience of brighter light. Task lighting can also help you conserve energy since you don’t need as much background light when your work area is suitably lit.

If you’re truly concerned with adding modern lighting to your historic home, you can opt for floor lamps. If chosen carefully, they can enhance your decor, while providing lighting for your room. With no wiring required, this is the only option that will not permanently alter the state of your historic architecture.

When choosing new lighting options, the most important factors to consider are whether or not the new fixtures will provide adequate lighting, if the pieces are modeled after the period of your home and how much the new installations will affect the character of your living space.

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