Historic preservation is about more than keeping a beautiful building alive; it’s about strengthening our present community by remembering and honoring our past. It gives us the opportunity to not only tell our children and grandchildren about the places that made us the people and community we are today, but to show them in person.

The National Trust for Historic Preservation illustrates the importance of historic preservation with the following explanation:

“It enhances our sense of community and brings us closer together: saving the places where we take our children to school, buy our groceries, and stop for coffee – preserving the stories of ancient cultures found in landmarks and landscapes we visit – protecting the memories of people, places, and events honored in our national monuments.”

Here at TMS Architects, we are proud to be able to participate in the preservation of New England’s rich history with the restoration and remodeling of historic homes and landmarks. Our passion goes beyond making sure these structures endure. We approach these projects with great enthusiasm as we get the opportunity to breathe new life into historic homes and buildings by infusing them with modern luxuries and functionality.

Here are a couple of the historic preservation projects we’ve had the honor to contribute to in recent years:

  • Portsmouth natives and visitors to the old seaport city once flocked to the Strawbery Banke grounds general store for penny candy, toys and Portsmouth memorabilia. Today, residents and tourists can enjoy a fabulous meal at Mombo Restaurant as they take in the rich character and history of the original post and beam interiors.
  • Built in the late 1880s, the Atlantic House was one of the grandest beach hotels in Short Sands Beach, Maine. It was renowned for its location in the heart of the business district and its expansive balconies, which offered breathtaking ocean views. The TMS Architects team helped to restore the seaside retreat to its former glory allowing it to once again reign as one of the historic beach community’s most prized gems.

You can view even more of our historic preservation work in the TMS Architects portfolio.