We appreciate modernity, but there is something magical about renovating a historical home or commercial property in a way that preserves its historical panache while embracing contemporary accents that make the space comfortable and energy efficient.

Explore Renovated Historic Grand NH Hotels

New Hampshire boasts some of the most beautiful historic and grand hotels in the nation. Let’s explore four of our state’s finest resorts, all of which have done a magnificent job balancing historic preservation and the implementation of contemporary updates.

Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa. Opened in 1865, this four-star resort has awed guests year-round for more than 150 years. The entire resort was closed from 1985 through 2002, ownership changed hands and an extensive renovation commenced. The entire restoration cost $20 million and includes countless sustainable improvements, one of which is a 121-foot wind turbine behind the resort.

Omni Mount Washington Resort. This resort has a unique history. It was originally constructed at the turn of the century in Bretton Woods, part of a land grant dating back to the 1700s. To this day, Mount Washington has its own post office and telephone system. It was even built with its own power plant that served it reliably for more than half a century. Mount Washington Resort has a National Historic Landmark designation and underwent a $50 million dollar investment in restoration, refurbishment, and revitalization that was completed in 2007.

Wentworth By the Sea. Now a part of the Marriott Hotel & Spa family, Wentworth By the Sea was originally constructed in 1874 and the Victorian “wedding cake” architecture was completed in the late-1880s. Considered the “crown jewel” of Portsmouth, Wentworth By the Sea was extremely modern for the times, containing bathrooms, steam-powered elevators and large elegant rooms. In 1982, the hotel was closed and almost demolished to make way for a residential housing development. Thankfully, the non-profit organization, Friends of the Wentworth, inspired Ocean Properties, Ltd., to purchase and finance a $30 million renovation.

We recommend spending a few weekends exploring each of these historic grand NH hotels to become inspired for your own historic home renovation.

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