Historic preservation is an aspect of Americana that can be seen in New England and communities both small and large. And, this is one of the driving factors that keep some homeowners in their historic home from one generation to the next, leading some to add an addition. But with tight regulations that ensure the integrity of original structures, this is not a project homeowners should take on without the advice and design skills of an experienced architect.

In a preservation brief published in the “Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation,” an addition still has to preserve the original structure’s historical character and preserve the materials, features and forms. This will entail knowledge and research of the time period and the history surrounding your home by a qualified architect who will develop a design that will meet all required criteria.

Despite the regulations and potential difficulty in designing an addition for your historic home, the benefits may be well worth the effort and expense. Life was very different in the era when your historic home was new, and space constraints for the modern family have taken a different light. Perhaps you require a larger kitchen for entertaining guests or you need larger bedrooms with full closets and an extra bathroom. Carefully consider the additional space you require and work with an architect to develop a design that will not only fulfill your needs but also follows the guidelines for historic preservation in New England.

TMS Architects has been creating home designs with historic preservation in mind for more than 20 years. With a firm belief that restoring and renovating historic homes preserves the character and heritage of New England architecture, we can help you with your plans to expand your living space. We invite you to browse our portfolio of historic renovations and to contact us to learn how we can help you re-design your space for modern living.