Whether it’s a trickling fountain or a gently flowing stream, a water feature can add graceful movement, soothing sounds and therapeutic beauty to landscape designs. It can turn an outdoor space into a calming oasis or a work of art in nature to create the perfect scene for dining and entertaining.

This water feature constructed with concrete and stone, complemented with colorful Koi and pond fish, makes this back patio and outdoor living space a dreamy escape.

A contemporary pond with small fountains and clean lines creates a stunning focal point that ripples and sparkles to inspire relaxation and delight.

We imagine this gorgeous stacked stone fountain sounds as glorious as it looks. And, take a moment to see what a wonderful sculptural centerpiece it makes for this courtyard.

Before you start dreaming up of the water feature to take your landscape to the next level, there are some important considerations that should be carefully addressed with a professional landscaper.

  • Location: The placement of your water feature can determine whether it creates harmony or dissonance within the landscape and natural surroundings. The engineering, excavation and plumbing will also be crucial to this decision.
  • Scale: The size of your water feature must be proportionate to the specific space, property, home and any other surrounding features, such as a pool or garden. The goal is to achieve a balance of visual weight and interest.
  • Sound: Water can make a sea of sounds from sprinkling to swishing and splashing. Explore and listen to different water features to decide what soothing or exciting sound you want to incorporate into your landscape.
  • Nature: Work with your landscaper to design a pond, creek, or waterfall that will not only complement your home and landscape, but also express your personality and style. Additionally, allow the space to reflect the features of nature you wish to showcase around your home or property.

For more landscape inspiration and ideas, be sure to visit our Pinterest boards on Outdoor Structures and Garden Rooms. If you’re looking to design and install your own custom water feature, contact the experienced and passionate professionals at TMS Architects in Portsmouth, New Hampshire online or by calling 603-436-4274.

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