While most homeowners would happily add more storage space to their home design, finding innovative ways to increase this space is a major problem for historic homeowners.

Older homes don’t have the same storage needs we do in modern times since people didn’t own as many things that needed to be tucked away out of sight. Since many older homes have clearly defined rooms rather than open concept designs, insufficient storage can make your rooms seem untidy or overly busy. TMS Architects has found some unexpected and clever home solutions that can improve storage space.

If you have a lot of books or special items you’d like to display, you might consider taking advantage of wall space around doorways. For example, a custom shelving unit designed at the entrance to your dining room from your living room can include valuable shelf space, as well as cupboards to hide necessary items that may not contribute to your decor.

Staircases are often an overlooked opportunity for excellent storage space that can not only give you plenty of space for your things, but can also add character and interest to an otherwise potentially boring space. This style can be unobtrusive with magnetic door panels or become quite ornate with molded panels and antique-style handles.

Kitchens also lack storage in many homes. Since it’s generally not possible to increase upper and lower cabinet storage without a major renovation, incorporating storage space into an island may be your best solution. Home design ideas for islands may include a permanent fixture with customized drawers and cupboards or a portable unit on wheels if there’s no floor space to accommodate a fixed unit.

As licensed and storied architects, TMS Architects’ home design ideas can help you find a space in your home to meet your storage needs. From new construction to historic home preservation, TMS Architects has expert experience and will deliver innovation, while maximizing construction dollars. Browse our online portfolio, or contact us today to begin your new design project.