TMS Architects is VERY proud to announce that two of our project managers, Gillian Baresich and Tim Giguere, were awarded first and second place respectively in the Emerging Professionals Design Competition held in conjunction with the AIANH 2014 Design Awards. The competition was created in 2003 to provide an opportunity for interns and young architectural professionals to strengthen their design skills, gain recognition, and assist a community with their design challenges.

The challenge for this year’s competition was to design a theoretical visitor’s center for Great Island Common in New Castle, NH.  The site has cultural and historical significance to the town, is an active gathering place for residents and visitors and a common destination for area cyclists.  AIANH asked the young design professionals to “create a multidimensional community environment with a building that reflects sustainable practices and design ideologies and principles…and was suggested that the building should be sympathetic to coastal design.”

We want both TMS winners to get an opportunity to showcase their entry so today’s post will describe Gillian’s entry with another post covering Tim’s submission.  Gillian is a resident of New Castle and when asked about her design inspiration for the project, she explained that “the context of the surrounding area was critical to me as the design  style and scale of New Castle architecture is of typical NE gable vernacular.  Therefore, I decided to break the building into several smaller masses to reflect the local coastal architecture.” can provide more formation on the competition and other winners.   Tim Giguere’s entry will be the subject of our next blog post.