An important facet of sustainable architecture includes using building materials that are not harmful to the environment, as well as reusing materials whenever possible. Salvaged wood can be upcycled and used in many applications that meet both of those criteria. Considering the beauty, uniqueness and historical quality of reclaimed wood, you should not overlook its usefulness.

Many of today’s wood products are grown on farms from fast-growing species that use up resources, such as water and soil nutrients, while contributing nothing to the ecosystem. Due to regulations, most old-growth wood is unavailable and must be reclaimed to get the unique coloration and wood types of yesteryear. Aged wood also has a patina that cannot be fully replicated, lending itself to unique applications.

Salvaged pine can create beautiful flooring that has a lot of detail and personality due to its age. Pine can add a lot of warmth in sustainable architecture and is particularly well-suited for historical restoration projects. As pine ages, regular wear and tear and coloration only adds to its natural beauty.

Reclaimed wood from barns can be used in many different applications in sustainable architecture. Wide slats can be used to create unique wall and floor finishes, build decking for the home or used to build farm-style doors. Large beams can be used to create architectural details throughout a home, and smaller boards can be used to create unique wainscotting. Due the varied sizes and types of lumber used in old barns, the list of projects the wood can be used in is virtually endless.

Creative uses of recycled wood products can also include such things as upcycling the wood from oak barrels to use as accent siding on homes or to create unique furniture items for interiors. Reclaimed hardwoods such as maple can become gorgeous kitchen cupboards or bathroom vanities.

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