Your backyard should be more than extra lawn and garden to care for; it should be your private oasis from which to escape daily stress or spend quality time with family and friends. Today’s designers are creating backyard and outdoor living spaces that seem like actual extensions to your home. Use some of the following ideas to inspire your stylish backyard.


Enjoy the beauty of your backyard. Source: TMS Architects

Carve out a natural space surrounded by existing or planted greenery that feels like an actual room. Consider reclaimed bricks to create a fireplace that is sure to inspire many evening conversations and hours of relaxation. The floor, or terrace portion of your outdoor room, can blend with your fireplace by using a sand and granite mix. A table with seating for dining and comfortable conversation seating in natural colors will complete your look.

If bright, comfortable, and fun is more your preferred style, a low-maintenance brick patio area with some easy-care trees may be an ideal backdrop for your outdoor space. Wrought iron furniture with overstuffed cushions in soft colors loaded with contrasting throw pillows provide a touch of whimsy and color. Mix and match tables, possibly from thrift stores or re-purposed items painted in coordinating colors to complete your space.


Source: TMS Architects

To create an airy beach feel without being under the glare of direct sunlight, consider having a canopy or pergola built for your backyard and outdoor living spaces. Interesting, casual effects can be created using reclaimed wood making your shelter stylish as well as functional. Vintage wicker-style furniture with beach-inspired color accents will bring the beach to your backyard oasis.

The possibilities for backyard and outdoor living spaces are limitless. When you are ready to begin designing your ideal outdoor space, TMS Architects would like to invite you to contact us. Our professional team can see you through the entire landscape remodel and create the space you see when you close your eyes and think of relaxing in your backyard.