We are all too familiar with the lingering odor of new paint. It strikes you like an open palm upon entering a freshly painted house, and perhaps forces you to open a window or even leave the area entirely. What you may not know is the chemicals you are inhaling are not only harmful to you, but also the environment.

paint brush

The chemicals in conventional paint are also known as volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs have been shown to contribute to smog and ozone problems, and they’re associated with long-term respiratory problems and memory impairment. Not only that, but paints with a high number of VOCs are capable of destroying brain cells and continue to release gas for several years. Growing numbers of families are opting for zero VOC paint products as alternatives for kids’ rooms and nurseries.

Naturally, paint manufacturers have worked diligently to create eco-friendly paints better for both your family and the environment. The lower the level of VOCs in paint, the better. These days, you have a lot of options in green paints to choose from.

Natural paints are the optimal choice in finding a healthy, lasting product. Gone will be your fears of acrid chemicals and health concerns. Natural paints are composed of water, essential oils, plant dyes, clay, vegetable oils, milk, resins, chalk, casein, and even bees’ wax.

Offering a broad range of colors is crucial in keeping with a homeowner’s home design scheme. Benjamin Moore has therefore furnished the Natura Interior Paint line with an extensive selection of all 3,500 of their signature colors. Another paint retailer, Unearthed Vega Paint, has a vegetable-based binder considered to be more environmentally conscious than milk-based paints, which rely on large numbers of cattle for production.

For an eco-friendly pick in your kitchens and bathrooms, try Mythic Paint’s Black Label, which is resistant to mildew and moisture. Instead of utilizing highly toxic fungicides, Black Label’s paint is comprised of a self-priming latex formula and works extremely well in rooms with high humidity.

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