A sustainable landscape that does not require heavy maintenance or an overabundance of water does not have to be without beauty or color. Originally started in the Western U.S. in areas that were prone to drought or dryness, xeriscape gardens and landscapes offer an alternative to save water in style.

Save Water in Style with a Xeriscape

Source: TMS Architects

Ground Cover
Rather than lush grass that requires regular watering to thrive, water retention and ground cover are achieved with such products as mulch, decomposed granite, and gravel. Special interest may be added using large rocks or other hardscape items, depending on the overall theme of the xeriscape.

Plant Grouping
Xeriscape gardens and landscapes are most successful at reducing water consumption when plants with similar water needs are grouped together. Most drought-tolerant plants grow far better with less water than traditional ones do however, water needs do vary. An efficient irrigation system and strategic placement will ensure your xeriscape consumes the least water possible to thrive.

Color and Texture
When you think of drought-tolerant plants, you may have the impression that they have very little color limited choices. The truth is, xeriscapes can be as subtle or as vibrant as you wish. Catmint, portulaca, and coneflowers are just a few flowering choices that can add brilliant splashes of color to your garden. If more subtle colors are more pleasing to you, non-flowering plants such as blue fescue, feather reed grass, and yucca are just a few choices available.

Source: TMS Architects

Source: TMS Architects

Walkways and Retaining Walls
Natural-looking materials are most commonly used to create interest and functionality in xeriscape designs. Walkway materials of slate, flagstone, and pea gravel are some common choices. Natural stone, flagstone rock, and brick are a few retaining wall selections that can be blended into your landscape.

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