Hardscapes aren’t limited by their sharp edges and abrupt angles. Think of them merely as the canvas upon which you can splash greenery and spring blooms to create charming garden looks. While some may have settled for mundane shrubbery and annuals jammed between the driveway and sidewalks, your exterior has the potential to be dynamic and cohesive. Keep the flow in your garden by considering these ideas for utilizing hardscaping to suit your landscape desires.

Use traditional principles to create stand-out, twenty-first century looks. While most of us don’t have the space for long, tree-lined allées, we can still draw inspiration from those formal tones to create an updated, more current version. Start with mixing formal lines with informal plantings.

We love the idea of asymmetrical balance and garden beds designed to appear different yet still weighted and equal.

Obtain balance through repetition. Notice how the homeowners used specific intervals of salvias to maintain a set rhythm of color, texture, and height. The draped roses provide a continuous, rustic charm to the fencing and prevent the plantings from appearing over-planned.

Allow your plants to “think outside the box.” Naturally, plants you allow to overflow into your hardscape will soften its rougher edges. Plants overflowing on opposite sides of a garden path bring cohesion from one side to the other. Take care, however, not to allow your plants to look overgrown or become a hazard to garden visitors.

Go bold with your hardscape. Sometimes the best approach is to be direct and bold with your use of hardscaping. These homeowners did just that with this remarkable spiral of bricks. Brick is a wonderful, permeable material that can be shaped into amazing patterns.

Build a living walkway. A hardscape can be infinitely softened by directly integrating plants. This designer introduced groundcover into the joints of the sidewalk and the results are stunning.

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