On a hot summer day when life’s stress is getting to you, there is not much that is as soothing as lying back in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed for a few moments while you listen to the bubbling and light splashing sounds a water feature creates. The sound of water evokes a sense of inner peace and a beautiful fountain greatly enhances your surroundings. Creating a garden fountain might well be one of the best things you can do your for yourself and your outdoor living space.

With some considerations when creating a garden fountain, you can still enjoy the peaceful and soothing benefits while being water savvy. Here are a few tips to consider before choosing your fountain:

  • If possible, have the fountain installed in a shaded area rather than in direct sunlight. The shade will help reduce water loss due to evaporation.
  • Wind can accelerate evaporation so create a windbreak with strategically placed shrubs or trees.
  • Choosing a cascading fountain rather than an upward spray will also reduce evaporation. Consider recirculating the water by creating a shallow pool or pond.

There are endless styles of fountains that can turn your landscape into a backyard oasis. You will have to decide on the size of the feature you wish to add, the water consumption, and the style. Your space may be very large and a traditional courtyard-style fountain might make an ideal focal point and emit enough sound to be peaceful. If you live in the city and do not have a large yard yet wish to include a water feature, there are contemporary designs and kits to fit virtually any space.

In order to be sure your fountain fits well with your surroundings, you will have to determine whether to choose a traditional, contemporary, or ultra-modern look. While there are countless styles available for purchase, in some cases the only appropriate solution is a custom design piece.

For help creating a garden fountain that evokes your sense of peace and enhances your space with its beauty, contact the design experts at TMS Architects.