Relaxing in a long, hot shower after a busy day is a great way for most diligent workers to unwind. Unfortunately, one aspect of oceanfront home design that’s often overlooked is the outdoor shower and bath.

Not surprisingly, outdoor showers are well-suited and highly functional for coastal homes. They’re novel enclosures that allow one to rinse off after a swim or enjoy a proper shower while remaining outdoors. Other uses of outdoor showers include washing hands and tools after a gardening session, showering after exercise and cleaning a pet’s muddy paws.

If you’ve ever felt a cool breeze on your body during a refreshing shower, then you understand the luxury of an outdoor shower. Showering under an open sky evokes a wonderful, natural feeling, as well as a pleasant cooling sensation. Consider these important tips for updating your coastal home with a beautiful outdoor shower.

Embrace Your Natural Surroundings 

Transform your outdoor shower retreat by surrounding it with lush plants and vegetation. Yuccas, cycads and sprays make excellent options while presenting a soothing, tropical theme. Don’t forget to incorporate the natural beauty of your coastal surrounding into the shower’s design.

Don’t Overlook the Details 

Why not provide your guests with a proper spa experience? Recuperate from the sun and pamper your guests with ocean-scented beauty products, loofahs, sea sponges and aloe vera gel. Your guests will appreciate the extra attention, and so will you!

Be Playful and Creative 

You certainly want to avoid a stiff design when it comes to your outdoor shower. To accomplish this, integrate nautical-themed items. We particularly like salvaged boat parts and seashells collected from the beach. For an organic feel, work with natural materials like bamboo, stones, or rustic cedar planks.

Outdoor showers add undeniable luxury and convenience to oceanfront homes, and since there are so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the one perfect for your family. For more information about outdoor showers and other home design topics, feel free to visit TMS Architects online, or contact us by telephone at 603-436-4274.

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