Encouraged by an ever-deepening understanding of global environmental issues, many homeowners and commercial enterprises are seeking new ways to “build greener” and surround their homes with sustainable landscaping. Such insightful landscaping can enrich your home and its natural surroundings in multiple ways.

Feeling Better About Building: Why Sustainable Landscaping is a Permanent Trend

In truth, the popularity of sustainability can be attributed to how pleasant life can be when attention is paid to green landscape design, architecture and construction. What if you could feel good about your accomplishment every day when you wake up? The benefits of sustainable landscaping don’t end here! Homeowners can reduce heating bills by up to 25 percent and summer cooling bills by 50 percent with a sustainable design.

Sustainable Landscape Design: How the Best Architects Do It

Utilize this professional insight so that you, your architects and landscape architects can incorporate earth-friendly and life-enhancing landscaping techniques into your next building project.

  • Plan your landscape design along with surrounding structures. The setting should never be an afterthought or an isolated project.
  • Consider a turf-based landscape. Creating a sustainable native plant-based prairie landscape, for instance, reduces carbon dioxide output by a half-ton per acre.
  • Optimize large landscape elements, like tree placement, on the lot. For example, use evergreen trees as windbreaks on the side facing prevailing winds for natural, economical and seasonal temperature control.
  • Landscape in tune with climate, season and geography. This can help preclude natural disasters and enhance day-to-day use of your property, building or home. For instance, deciduous plants provide summer shading, but also lets light in during the wintertime.
  • Create a sustainable landscape that fulfills your client’s needs and goals. In our 20-year history, we’ve had enormous success in combining our client’s vision with remarkable, sustainable landscape and architectural design solutions.

Today, we’ve revealed just some of the ways our firm and landscape architect partners have achieved sustainable landscapes for our clients. Explore the possibilities for your new home, historic property or business by contacting TMS Architects.