Summer in New England is always much too short. With just a few months of warm, sunny weather each year, us locals are inclined to make the most of it. For many of our clients, that means installing a home pool. It can be a laborious (not to mention costly) addition, but a well-designed pool area offers plenty of fun for kids and adults alike. As we move closer and closer to Fall, we’ve decided to look back on some of our all-time favorite designs.

A Place to Swim… And Then Some

A pool is first and foremost a place to take a refreshing dip. But it’s the surrounding patio and pool house that makes it a space to hang out all day long! Constructing a thoughtful space to lounge, eat, drink, and play while poolside keeps the good times going (and will make you plenty of friends).

Photo by Michael J Lee

This open poolhouse appears quite simple at first glance, but it has a lot to offer. A four seat bar made from reclaimed wood, a flatscreen TV, and a natural stone fireplace make this the type of space where you could easily lounge the day away.

Photo by Rob Karosis

The owners of this home are a young family who wanted a space to fit their active lifestyle and entertain plenty of guests. This pool and sprawling patio certainly deliver! For those who love leisure, several lounge chairs and a hot tub offer numerous spots to kick back. Closer to the main house, an outdoor fireplace and seating area creates a living room-esque space to socialize.

Photo by Rob Karosis

While the adults lounge away, the kids have plenty of space to play. This pool house contains a three story climbing wall and a den with a flat screen TV. In an adjacent mini-kitchen, guests can take a break from the heat with some refreshments.


A Pool With A View

There’s nothing more tranquil than taking a dip in a private pool with a spectacular view. We’ve had the pleasure of designing a few…

Photo by Rob Karosis

We recently renovated this stunning Victorian-era, oceanside home in North Hampton, NH. An in-ground pool and hot tub are among the home’s many spectacular features. We took great care to integrate the patio with native plantings and stone walls, allowing the space to blend seamlessly with its beautiful surroundings.

Photo by Rob Karosis

Set in the middle of a New England apple orchard, this home is surrounded by idyllic beauty. The pool is nestled close to the house, and is made complete with a built in hot tub. Altogether, it creates a relaxing — nearly spa-like — experience.

Photo by Rob Karosis

When these homeowners acquired this plot of land, preserving its natural elements was a priority. With that in mind, the home and outdoor spaces were designed around several mature trees. Between the lush greenery and a view of the Atlantic ocean in the distance, it didn’t take much to make this pool area beautiful.

Family Friendly Fun

While we adults love to lounge, nobody appreciates a pool as much as a kid! These pools were designed with the whole family in mind…

Photo by Rob Karosis

Family was the focus for this home addition. A combined garage and pool house was added to connect the main house to the backyard pool and patio. This allowed for direct access and easier supervision from the house.

Photo by Rob Karosis

This active family wanted poolside fun all year round! In the summer, large French doors open wide to a patio and backyard. In the colder months, this space is fully insulated to keep the good times going. A flat screen TV, fireplace, and bench seating with window access to the kitchen make it easy to hang by the pool anytime.   Though this summer is coming to an end soon, there’s no time like the present to begin planning next year’s fun. If you’d like to add a luxurious pool to your home, contact us to get the conversation started.

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