The fireplace often takes center stage in a room, but the mantel can just as easily become an area of interest with the right design and materials. As the place where you display family photos, prized possessions and, of course, your unique sense of style, giving some extra thought to your mantel is well worth it.

The choices begin with the mantel material itself. Today’s trends for mantel materials range from rustic and reclaimed to sleek and modern. On the rustic and reclaimed end are logs and even reclaimed railroad ties used as mantels. Marble and granite with lots of veining and movement also can add a natural look. For a more sleek and modern mantel, tile or stainless steel are good options. And for a traditional look, cast stone offers an array of edge profiles for your mantel.

Of course, the way mantel materials are incorporated into the overall design of a fireplace and/or room makes a difference too. Here are some of the ways TMS Architects has incorporated mantels that quickly become a point of interest in a room’s design:

In this traditional style living room renovation in Boston, the mantel design offers contrast in color and material. The polished dark wood pops against the white paneling and stone fireplace.

historic renovation architects in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Design by TMS Architects

historic renovation architects in Portsmouth NH

Design by TMS Architects

A formal mantel adds sophistication to this teen room while balancing out its eclectic style and color palette. It also creates cohesion with the white painted furniture in the room.

New Hampshire architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

For a major wow factor and to create an undeniable focal point, take the mantel material all the way up the wall. This stone mantel and fireplace match the scale of the rest of the room and offer pleasant contrast in this lodge style space.

New Hampshire architects

Design by TMS Architects

The dark wood mantel in this sitting room is about the only thing that can compete with the view. Adding a storage cabinet overhead is a custom solution for added convenience.

New England architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

A combination of wood and stone keeps this traditional style porch close to nature.

historic renovation architects in New England

Design by TMS Architects

Do you have a design dilemma? TMS Architects can solve it. Contact us for renovation projects, as well as new builds. We’ll be there every step of the way to help ensure no detail is left out, from the mantel to the front door and everything in between.