Once you select custom trim and molding for your new construction or renovation project, it’s time to pick the perfect color. While some homeowners select architectural trims and moldings in colors that blend well with their walls, we encourage you to think about how a more colorful option can transform your home’s design and make your interior space pop.

Trims and moldings can be chosen to enhance particular architectural features, such as arches or windows, or to punctuate the linear surfaces of a room. They can also frame doorways, windows, built-in book cases or entertainment centers. Careful color selections help them do their job even better.

Here are a few points to consider when choosing a color for your trim work and moldings:

Change your perception of a room. Use trim to help change the perception of a room. For example, bold colors create stronger lines, which can make a room seem larger. Such is the case with the cheerful orange trim color used for this town house living room.

On the flip side, you can use trim to break up the wall in a large room with tall ceilings. We chose a dark trim to frame the top of the entryway, as well as the stairs and chair rails, in this Hilltop Home in New Hampshire. It breaks up the space between the floor and ceiling, helping to anchor the entryway and make it more welcoming.

Portsmouth NH architects

Design by TMS Architects

Make a statement. Architectural trims and moldings can also be used to add the exclamation mark in a room. Consider the bold green trim in this lakeside house below, or the glossy black lacquered moulding in the following powder room.

Enhance existing architectural features. You don’t have to go bold to highlight existing architectural features. Look at the natural wood trim work we used for our Solar Green Living Farmhouse project in Boston. It provides a subtle contrast with the sage green paint color, drawing graceful attention to the arched doorway and leading the eye along the rest of the natural wood highlights to the beautiful views outside.

New Hampshire architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

At TMS Architects, we love to help our clients choose the perfect colors for renovation and new build projects — from the color of your home’s exterior down to the trim work and moldings. Contact us to learn more about starting a project with us, or download our white paper “10 Questions to Ask Your Architect” on the left side of this page.