At TMS Architects, we frequently use stone in our exterior designs of homes and other buildings. Oftentimes, we use stone for homes that also have stone in their natural landscape. This is because stone elements create a solid connection with the surrounding environment.

Another way we use stone on exteriors is by pairing it with traditional siding materials. This contrast creates a pleasing look and keeps the stone from looking too “heavy.” Stone and shingle siding are a great combination that offers a classic look.

Plus, stone is a highly durable material that’s perfect for homes on the waterfront. In the past, stone had to be locally quarried and stacked, but today’s technology allows us to use stone in creative ways. Now, you can get almost any stone color or texture you like no matter where it’s from, and it can be used as blocks or as thin veneers.

No matter how stone is used on a home’s exterior, one thing is certain — it creates an undeniably remarkable appearance. Take a look below at some of our favorite examples of stone exteriors.

Stone need not be confined to the siding of the home. Rather, it can be used with great effect as a hardscape material to surround the exterior of a home, such as in our Wyoming Western Craftsman project. Here we used stone to accent pillars and to create seating walls along the deck outside.

Stone was used to delineate this outdoor kitchen space, creating the perfect spot for a built-in grill, planter and tabletop.

In our New Hampshire Hilltop Home project, we combined stone with shingle siding to add charm and character to this home’s exterior.

Here is a great example of paralleling the stone in a landscape with stone on the home’s exterior. The repetition of the stone in the two spaces creates a unified look.

Our North Shore Mansion project also incorporates stone on the exterior with stone in the landscape for a rustic, yet refined vibe.

Are you considering a new build or renovation project this year and looking to incorporate stone exteriors into your design? Contact TMS Architects for more information about starting your next renovation or new build. We’ll be with you every step of the way. We’ll help you select the best materials to complete the look of your dream home!