It’s safe to say that the front door is the crown jewel of the home’s facade. As the main focal point, the entryway has the power to make a powerful and lasting impression as it sets the tone for the rest of your home, both inside and out. This exterior centerpiece also offers the opportunity to express style and personality.

Our team here at TMS Architects designed this lake house entryway using both Victorian architecture and bungalow design elements to draw you in with graceful rustic elegance. An arching portico is echoed by an expanse of transom windows that show off high ceilings and hint at the home’s interior before you step through the doorway.

Serene green accents outline this gorgeous craftsman door. Combined with rich, warm colors, this look creates a naturally beautiful and welcoming entryway inspired by the New Hampshire landscape.

We love this unique entry design! This colonial front door with a modern twist features architectural elements that create dramatic visual effects and carefully-curated materials and colors.

During this renovation, we set out to prove that even a pop of purple could be irresistibly charming and chic on an entry door. This dash of eclecticism surrounded by a beautiful sky blue shingle exterior shows off the owners’ personality, while adding a little mystery as it makes you wonder what the interior has to offer.

New England architects

Design by TMS Architects

We can’t help but be inspired by this architecturally engaging entryway with thoughtful contemporary elements and a front door with woodworking details that are truly eye-catching.

Here’s another door we can appreciate. This sleek craftsman style door is jazzed up with a contemporary stainless steel handle that hints at a sophisticated taste for a transitional design.

Does your front door convey your style and take the exterior of your New England home to the next level of design? If not, it may be time for a facade facelift or maybe even a whole home renovation. Browse the TMS Architects portfolio to view some of our residential designs, and then contact us when you’re ready to learn more about our full range of architecture and design services.