Historic preservation in New England is tantamount to most owners of the gems of yesteryear. While older construction is generally far superior to the fast-paced construction of today, modern living makes it necessary to increase your living space while maintaining the integrity of your home’s history. Enter the practice of utilizing sensitive additions.

There are several methods that can be used to create a sensitive addition. Since the aim isn’t to hide the fact that a section has been built onto the original structure, scaling down the size of the addition is a popular way to make this distinction. If the front of your home has a historically unique facade, you might consider recessing the addition or having it added onto the back of your home rather than destroying the original frontal view of your home.

Finally, there is the outer appearance. Many people opt to use similar finishes, such as clapboard siding and trim, while others prefer to use a slightly different finish for their addition. While both methods are acceptable, careful decisions must be made in this step to maintain a cohesive design. Roof lines need to be respected between the original structure and the addition as well. It’s best to match the pitch on all roof sections rather than veering off with another style.

TMS Architects are experts at conveying the original story of your home, while providing you creatively designed spaces to meet modern living requirements. View our historic preservation portfolio, and contact us to learn how we can maximize the function of your historic home while maintaining its historical integrity.