Garden ground covers provide many benefits beyond being decorative. Moisture retention, erosion prevention, and weed control are just a few of the more important reasons to ensure you have sufficient cover. Rather than the typical mulch, gravel, or cedar bark that require replacement over time, why not use hardy ground covers that excel in your garden?

Using hardy plants offers several benefits that non-living materials cannot:

  • Color and texture
  • Nutrient-rich humus
  • Natural insulation against heat and cold
  • Attracts beneficial insects

Since garden ground covers can include any plant that grows close to the ground and spreads to leave little to no soil exposed, the possibilities and combinations are virtually endless. Some important considerations are whether the plants will be under direct sunlight or in a shady area, low-growing plants that spread rather than sprout upwards for pathways, and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

Colorful and Functional
Plants that grow quickly and hug the ground are best for areas between walkway pavers or stones. A colorful option is bugleweed, which thrives in moist shade. The leaves come up in multiple colors and in spring and summer they flower. Trimming will help control their growth. For a sun or shade option, mondo grass is a sturdy evergreen that requires little watering or maintenance.

Create a Meadow
If you find beauty in wild flowers and want a low-maintenance lawn, consider creating a meadow in place of regular grass. Unlike a typical untouched meadow, a lawn meadow is simply created by allowing the natural plants in your yard grow, removing any unwanted plants and irregular mowing. Variety can be created through natural seeding, transplanting, or sowing seeds.

Remember your Steps
Rather than constantly weeding your stairs, why not take advantage of that natural growth space and plant some beauty that will not have to be pulled? This type of planting can help soften hardscape areas and add splashes of color. Keep in mind that creepers or low plants should be used to avoid tripping hazards.

As a full-service architecture firm, including landscaping, TMS Architects can help you choose optimum ground covers.


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