Your dog or cat is likely more than just a pet but like an actual family member to you that you share your home and outdoor space with. Have you considered including any surprises for your fur-ever friend in your landscaping? Not only will it help stop boredom, it can protect the areas that are not conducive to gardening and pets.

Scratching and Marking Posts
Cats love sharpening their claws and if there are no strong trees, they usually scratch on items that we would really rather they left intact. By the same token, male dogs love to mark their territory and choosing fence posts near seating areas or delicate plants are not ideal. Both of these issues can easily be solved with a little bit of imagination.

A cat-scratching post can easily be made using a post driven into the ground and wrapped in weather-proof rope. Cats love to be up high, so a ten foot post would be ideal. Consider using rope in a color that blends or contrasts nicely with your landscape.

When Fido wants to mark his territory, if he has his own short post or decorative fire hydrant with a gravel base, he may leave your delicate shrubs or conversation areas alone.

Water Features
Fountains or bubbling water features are visually¬†pleasing pieces¬†that can soothe or create a calm atmosphere. Another way you can combine gardening and pets is to create a water feature that is your pet’s height so they have access to water whenever they are outside. Eco-friendly types recirculate the water so the water usage is limited.

Dangerous Plants
There are more than 300 varieties of plants that can be toxic to your pets. When planting, you should be mindful of where your pets will spend most of their time when outdoors and try to avoid placing any poisonous plants nearby. Deterring your pets using fencing or dense vegetation borders may be another alternative.

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