While some homeowners want their gardens and landscaped areas to be a place for relaxation, others see them as spaces to entertain and enjoy time with family and friends. That’s the idea behind garden game rooms. Whether it’s bocce ball, shuffleboard, horseshoes, corn hole, badminton, etc., lawn games are what make group gatherings more fun, especially with the milder temperatures we usually experience here in New England during the spring and summer. If engaging in some friendly competition is part of your family’s tradition during holidays or a favorite way to entertain, you’ll certainly see the value of incorporating some space for games into your garden rooms. Below are a handful of inspiring ideas.

If you want to include a large dedicated recreational feature such as a bocce ball court in your landscape, you’ll have to do some thoughtful planning to be sure the surface is level, etc. Here, the green bocce ball court has the appearance of a well-kept lawn, creating a stylish look that blends in with the rest of the yard and lush greenery, while also serving as a functional space. Plus, the court can also be used as a putting green to brush up on your golf game too.

Talk about a conversation piece! Oversized chess pieces add charm and intrigue to this “playground for grownups,”¬†which features a motion pool and cabana, as well as new garden plantings. What’s great about the setup is that the chess board is simply an array of square cement tiles, which are perfect for recreating the look of a real chess set, but can also be used for other purposes if the chess pieces are removed. We especially like how it’s placement clearly defines the areas within this landscape.

Installing a putting green in your own backyard brings beauty and recreation to your doorstep. From the waterside setting to the expertly integrated hardscapes and colorful plantings, there’s so much to love about this backyard putting green.

An open lawn could be all you need to create a garden recreation room. For games such as croquet, corn hole and horseshoes, this small grassy area is just the ticket.

What do you think of creating a garden recreation room? Do you have a space for recreation in your current garden room? Share with us in a comment below.

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