Autumn is finally here — the beginning of seasons where families come together and houses truly become homes. This is the time when New England is truly at its best and most beautiful, with the smell of woodsmoke, the sharp tang of apples fresh from the branch, the brush of cool air through rich turning leaves on a mountainside.

The best part? The ease of bringing the beauty of this time of year into your home. A touch of simple, subtle decorating, and your stunning home exudes the sophisticated atmosphere of comfort this season creates. 

Take advantage of New England’s natural beauty and abounding resources, especially by getting local. Throughout the year, farmers markets, local produce stands, and flower shops are overflowing, but in autumn there is even more flourishing.


Design by TMS Architects

Fall flowers like marigolds, chrysanthemums, and dahlias add to any space — indoor or outdoor — and can be arranged anywhere on the spectrum of effortless to elegant. One addition, and this stone exterior detail reminiscent of summer at the lake transforms into long walks on fall evenings past old stone field walls.

Any arrangement of nature around the home adds a crisp, new environment – and not merely with flowers. Incorporating real pumpkin and gourds aren’t just for pie at Thanksgiving and Jack o’ Lanterns at Halloween; they’re the perfect pop of deliciously classic color when decorating, bringing an earthy, soothing texture.

Design by TMS Architects

Design by TMS Architects

Mix different sizes, types, and colors (along with flowers and even wheat stalks) for the ideal blend of the entire season and refreshing style. And one level doesn’t need to hold the entire aesthetic: decorative wreaths on walls and doors lift the eye line to a different focus of your home’s design and elements, and are a warm visual for both exterior and interior decor.

Is there anything more enchanting than the glow of a lantern on a cool night? They cast a warm, inviting light that’s perfect for the season. Nothing is better than driving home from a long day at work as the daylight hours grow shorter and seeing the blush of home’s light in the distance.

The delight and joy of this season, and the change of any season, is yet another new beginning. With autumn, from first day to last, every detail points towards the positives of change, and gratefulness for what has already come. And your home can be the beautiful, perfect setting for every moment of it.