Flowing water isn’t just beautiful — it has many invaluable health benefits, too. Water features purify and humidify the surrounding air, create a calming and serene environment, and encourage us to feel cool and relaxed. Struggling with a bit too much urban noise pollution? No problem! Water features create an audio backdrop that can transport you to a different place and connect you back to nature. So, here are some of our favorite water features to help take your landscape from dry and lackluster to delightfully aqueous:

Reflecting Pools

You don’t need a vast landscape for this charming water feature. Reflecting pools mirror their surroundings, and even a small, saucer-shaped pool can have the same effect as a generously-sized gazing pool. We love how much they resonate with the architecture, foliage, clouds, and sky around them.

Natural Swimming Pools

Ever noticed the green tint and overwhelming, chemical smell at the neighborhood pool during summer? Unlike those unfortunate pools, natural swimming pools employ a combination of plant and sand filters to keep the pool clean and clear. What’s more, they have a delightfully versatile look — some are designed to look like natural ponds while still others are disguised as normal, tiled swimming pools.


Backyard ponds have all the benefits of any water feature, plus fish! Backyard fish ponds are fun for the whole family, especially with the added pleasure of raising a shimmering group of koi fish. To help make everything optimally relaxing, be sure to include rocks, decks, plant life, and comfortable seating into your building plans.


For some, moats evoke images of childhood fairytales and charming knights rushing across dragon-filled moats to save distressed princesses. But, water directly adjacent to the house that requires crossing to reach the front door can still be delightfully magical! Controlling access to the house by placing stepping stones or slabs of concrete over a shallow body of water lifts the area and provides a unique visual barrier.

Our professionals have the expertise and passion to construct elegant water features to elevate your landscape. Contact TMS Architects today to schedule a consultation.