Having a great yard design is a blessing in itself, but maintaining incentives to spend even more time outdoors can be optimally rewarding. So, why not give yourself something to look forward to when you step outside? Our designers at TMS Architects can help bring structure and beauty to your landscape regardless of your lifestyle. While there are a huge array of possibilities for charming outdoor garden rooms, we’ve taken a few hints from classic garden designs to compile some of our favorite ideas.

Creating garden rooms largely involves compartmentalizing in small gardens or specific areas of more sizable gardens. Combining the robust structures of hard landscaping with the innate, soft nature of plants is key to strategic compartmentalizing. For a great example of this idea, take a look at the San Francisco garden room below. This city oasis shows how even in incredibly small spaces, tenacious structural design can have stunning results.

Call it either the bones, the foundation, or the support system for your garden room, but these days, decking, gravel, and raised beds all work together to visually enhance your outdoor landscape. The zen-like look of this Austin garden space is partially thanks to raised blocks of gravel as well as the formal, decorative water feature.

Once your physical structures are complete, it’s time to add some cushion to the existing textures. Naturally, plants soften hard edges, add color, and stir up interest during seasonal changes. A bird’s-eye view of this urban garden room reveals a lovely outdoor scheme of potted plants that gracefully add contrast to the paved boundaries.

In keeping with the principles of sustainability, we highly recommend using reclaimed wood to construct the borders of your garden room. For more privacy, you can combine a reclaimed lattice fence with plenty of blooming foliage for a thriving, but still isolated, garden hideaway.

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