Incorporating water features is a great way to add a zen-like quality to your outdoor space. While they can require significant maintenance, container water features can define your yard without consuming vital space, all while providing the natural, soothing effects of water.

When deciding on the appropriate container water feature to complement your home design, the choices are virtually endless. For a contemporary design, you might consider containers that make a bold statement with bright pops of color. For more traditional spaces, antique urns or containers in subtle hues can provide a calming backdrop.

If you prefer an ecological water feature that includes plant life, there’s no need to shy away from the concept of using containers. Seek out containers that have a large surface area and select plants that grow in water or ponds. Simply adding fresh water as needed is usually sufficient maintenance to keep your water garden in great condition.

For those who wish to incorporate the calming effect of white noise, there are a multitude of options available in scaled-down fountains, and custom styles can be built to bring motion and life to your outdoor space. Some ideas to consider are finding containers that accent your home design and adding bubbler pumps to create a soft and soothing background noise. Taller and wider containers can house standard fountain kits to create custom waterfalls and other effects to match your design goals.

The design specialists at TMS Architects can help you design the perfect container water feature for your outdoor space. With our expertise in sustainability, we can work with you to create anything from the most eye-catching conversation pieces to small eco-systems in the form of a water garden. Visit our online portfolio to learn more about what we can do for you, or contact us to book a consultation.

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