Color is a powerful design tool, and when used on ceilings, it can create some dramatic effects. The ceiling, or “fifth wall” as some designers call it, is a great place to add a pop of color. A colorful ceiling draws the eye up, making small rooms feel more open and large rooms feel more cozy. It can also have the same effect as an accent wall, setting the stage for a statement light fixture or highlighting the architecture of an interesting ceiling.

So, how do you choose a color for your ceiling? There are several strategies. A ceiling can be painted the same color as the room, creating a warm, polished look. In contrast, you can pump up bland neutral walls with a pop of bold color on the ceiling. You can also use paint on the ceiling in more creative ways, such as applying a decorative faux finish. Don’t forget to consider the moods associated with the colors you’re considering. This can add a new dimension to the space as well.

Are you ready to amp up the interest in your home by adding color to the ceiling? Here are some inspired examples from our portfolio:

A whimsical mural adorns a formal dome ceiling inside a seaside estate, serving as the artistic centerpiece of the space and the reference point for the rest of the room’s decor.

New Hampshire architects

Design by TMS Architects

The painted ceiling in this waterfront space helps delineate its different uses and draws attention to the room’s interior architecture.

New Hampshire architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

Visitors of this breezy room feel as though they’re gazing at a perfectly blue sky when they look at the brightly painted ceiling.

Portsmouth NH architects

Design by TMS Architects

While a boldly colored ceiling can certainly make a statement, also consider the effect that a warm neutral tone can make when used on the ceiling. In this kitchen, a coordinating neutral creates a warm, cozy feeling while still providing a kick of color.

Portsmouth NH architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

Whether you’re looking for help with a remodel or a new build project, contact TMS Architects with your design questions. If you’d like to fill your home with rich or seaside-inspired colors, we can help you determine the best look for your space!

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