Are you looking to add a splash of fun to your bathroom design? Tile accents are one of this year’s top trends among homeowners and designers for adding subtle, yet visually stimulating interest to bathroom designs. These stylish additions can evolve with the overall style of your home.

Some of the hottest tile materials trending this year include glass, stainless steel, copper and even hardwood. Some people may be hesitant to incorporate unconventional tile materials, but when done right, these custom tiles create patterns that make a strong and sophisticated statement.

It’s important to carefully coordinate the color scheme of each individual tile. Be sure to choose colors that will express your style while evoking serenity and harmony with the existing decor. Additionally, creating repetition with tile patterns throughout a bathroom can help tie design elements and decor together nicely.

Take a look at these tile accent walls to see how designers are integrating them into bathroom designs.

Neutral colors create a beautifully understated look in this bathroom, while the tile mosaic creates a stunning backdrop for the tub. It also helps draw the eye to the room’s large windows and view beyond.

Portsmouth NH architects

Design by TMS Architects

Contrasts were created with slate-blue walls and dark wood, as well as brown and neutral-toned tile mosaics to create a timeless color scheme.

A Mediterranean feel was added to this bathroom with a Greek key pattern created with tile accents. This striking tile pattern perfectly frames the tub and ocean view.

LED lights illuminate a red-glass tile backsplash for a truly unique focal point.

These waterfall tile mosaics look fabulous both in the shower and on the vanity. The color and pattern variations make for a dynamic design with an eccentric and vibrant feel.

Simple and sophisticated, the blue tile mosaics give this otherwise classic bathroom some much needed color and pizzazz.

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