They work with you, they play with you and they sometimes even eat with you. Dogs are more than pets; they are a part of the family. But if you are tired of messes from tripping over dog bowls, a built-in feeding station may be just what your household needs.

Houzz writer Sally Augustin says, “Design can make animals happier, just as it can people.” Why not create a space where your pet feels as comfortable and happy as you do? Plus “Keeping pets happy helps prevent unwanted behaviors,” as animal expert Kate Benjamin reminds us in a New York Times article.

A simple built-in feeding station ensures that dog bowls won’t be tipped over while also keeping messes confined to one area. Here, a second kitchen sink provides the perfect space for a built-in raised dog bowl station underneath.

Keeping messes at bay is just one great perk to the built-in feeding station. Even more importantly, raised dog bowl dishes help to support aging dogs.

Designed with a dog bowl drawer, this feeding system built-in to the kitchen island gives you the ability to quickly and easily access this pet-friendly feature only when you want.

Here’s another great example of a sleek and convenient dog bowl drawer.

This dog feeding station built-in to the kitchen island not only adds functionality and convenience but provides another opportunity to add a dash of color and pattern to amp up the style.

An additional drawer under the built-in dog bowls provides storage for dog food, treats and toys, allowing this kitchen island feeding station to work overtime.

Here at TMS Architects, we’re particularly passionate about home designs that truly cater to families’ needs, which is why we love the idea of pet-friendly living spaces. But whether your family loves animals, movies, games or simply being able to gather in a large kitchen, TMS Architects in New England can help you achieve beautiful and functional living spaces to increase your quality of life at home. Contact us to learn more about our home design and architecture services.