Since your foyer is the first room to make an impression on family, house guests and visitors, it’s important to make a bold statement with the right design. Whether your style is modern or you’re re-creating a look from days gone by, the lighting plan you choose for your foyer is a fundamental step towards achieving your home’s best design.

If your foyer has plenty of natural light, you may not want to choose an ostentatious light fixture. Rather than competing with the natural light, incorporate recessed lighting or table lamps as a better alternative. Some designers suggest using dimmed lighting to provide a welcoming warmth and glow.

If you have a grand foyer and need a great lighting solution for your historic home, this is your chance to choose an opulent chandelier. Ornate metalwork and crystals are popular in old-world styles. If your foyer is large enough or has a vaulted ceiling, cascading styles can draw the eye and give an aura of richness and warmth.

Lighting choices for modern homes are virtually endless. You should choose materials that coordinate with the rest of your home’s decor. For example, if a room features brushed nickel finishes, you should choose a fixture made of the same material. Depending on the look you wish to present for people when they enter your home, you may introduce a chandelier, pendant light or something more subtle, such as a wall sconce.

You can choose a variety of unique lighting materials to complement the age of your home. Lighting ideas for historic homes can include a handcrafted chandelier made of mason jars for a vintage, farm-style look.

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