Several interesting structures have been taking shape in a parking lot directly outside TMS Architects’ offices and finally an article in The Portsmouth Herald revealed what’s going on out there ! The parking lot is apparently connected to Port City Makerspace which defines itself as ” a co-op shop for Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We are a community based shop that provides tools and workspace to members for a low monthly fee…the space we provide is the ultimate playground for those who tinker, design, build, fabricate, prototype, make and machine”

The structure that we have been watching for weeks was the brainchild of Port City Makerspace co-founder, Ross Beane, who is a surfer and Alaskan wilderness guide. Called the Surf Sauna, the barrel-shaped structure is a Swedish sauna-to-go, designed to travel on a trailer to various winter surfing locations.  Mr. Beane collaborated with Tyler Sauter and Zac Robinson to design this ingenious sauna which is constructed from cedar, a traditional sauna  material that provides  the familiar aroma to accompany the warmth of the sauna.  The mobile sauna can seat 4-6 people and is heated  by a Swedish sauna propane stove.  According to Mr. Beane, the sauna is ” an attention getter… turns heads and is frequently photographed.  On the beach, it is definitely a luxury item”.  For additional information, visit

The other structure that has been taking shape all winter in the Port City Makerspace parking lot looks a bit like a tinker’s wagon and is destined to be a meditational tea room when completed.  Designed on wheels, it will  be able to travel as well.  Thanks to Port City Makerspace for providing us with such an interesting view!  Wonder what they have going on inside?

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