Like a personal introduction, the first impression of your home is vital to how well it is perceived in its entirety. While attention to the entryway or foyer of a home is often overlooked, we at TMS Architects think it is a crucial area to carefully and thoughtfully design. Having a fabulous entryway is an important indicator to whether or not you will experience comfort, happiness, and safety throughout the rest of the home.

Traditionally, an entryway is a barrier between the outside world and the inside of a home. Having an alluring entryway helps us decompress and adjust to moving locations, and when we entertain guests, it separates the entrance from the living areas and allows room to free oneself from jackets, shoes, and other personal items before entering the rest of the home.

Below are some of our favorite entryways we’ve pinned on our Pinterest page featuring eye-catching, luxurious designs sure to impress and send a warm welcome to your guests.

A bold, purple front door is showcased in this Exeter Village Renovation project. The bright hue adds an unexpected flavor to the otherwise traditional home, and it’s a youthful accent to the home.

Embrace your inner flower child by surrounding your entryway in colorful flowers, like these fragrant, pink roses.

Our Classic Home With Views project in Newcastle, New Hampshire has a seriously grand entryway supported by gorgeous columns and stately latticework.

What better way to draw attention to a home than to maintain a beautiful front yard. The highlight of this perfectly quaint cottage is its finely manicured landscaping. With potted plants and trimmed hedges galore, this home could be straight out of a garden in Europe.

A superb example of an inviting entryway, the foyer of our Kittery Point Harbor Overlook project is simple but sophisticated, featuring warm hardwood floors, a patterned rug, and plenty of white molding.

When the sun sets at night, having outdoor lighting adds to the appeal of your home.

Visit our online portfolio for more insight on the ways that an architect can uplift the entryways of your home or commercial property. And when you’re ready to begin, contact us for information on getting your next home renovation project started.

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