There are many things to consider when you make an addition or large renovation to your home. It’s your home, so of course any addition should be something that you and your family will be able to enjoy for years to come. But it’s also smart to think about the big picture when making a change.

When it comes to return on investment, all home additions are not created equal. It’s nice to daydream about adding a sun room, swimming pool, or state of the art kitchen, but unfortunately those additions are not always the most practical when it comes time to sell. Here, we’ll share some of the best value additions you can make to your home.

Design by TMS Architects

Design by TMS Architects


Whether you’re adding a whole new bathroom to your home or simply updating a current one, this is usually a smart investment. Though a bathroom is a functional space at its core, there are so many ways you can make it luxurious. A simple yet elegant powder room off of a guest bedroom is a wonderful touch, or you can treat yourself to a spa-inspired master bathroom upgrade. As long as the design errs on the side of classic (rather than trendy), you’ll make good use of it, and any potential future owners will too.

Garage Attic

If you have sufficient space above your garage, consider transforming it into another room. This type of space is truly a blank slate and can be used as a guest bedroom, a home gym, or even a rec room (as pictured above). Some homeowners even transform their garage attic into a small apartment to accommodate a family member or rent out to others.


Design by TMS Architects

Design by TMS Architects

Deck or Patio

When the weather is warm, everyone loves to relax outdoors. Adding a deck to your home is a wonderful investment because your family can enjoy it for years and it’s an attractive asset to any potential new buyers. The more of an extension of the house this space is, the better. Including a lounge area, dining area, fire pit and other cozy amenities will help maximize your own enjoyment and add overall value.


Design by TMS Architects

Design by TMS Architects

Versatile Rooms

It’s hard to believe, but the room pictured above was a shipping warehouse for the homeowner’s business before it became this elegant family room. And though it’s currently a family room, it wouldn’t be out of the question to later renovate it as a children’s playroom, guest bedroom, or home office. If you plan on adding another room to your home, it’s smart to design the space so it’s as versatile as possible. As your family’s needs change, you may decide to make different use of the space. Or a future homeowner might have a completely different vision than yours. Either way, a versatile room makes adjusting easy, which means less renovating and more enjoying for everyone.

Are you considering making an addition to your home in the new year? We’d love to hear about it! Let us know what you think in the comments, or reach out to us for a consultation.

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  • Jake White says:

    I am interesting in becoming an architect someday, and so I really enjoyed reading this blog post. I loved the idea to have a garage attic, and this would make a great place for people to be loud and have fun since there are no bedrooms underneath where people could be disturbed. Thanks for sharing these ideas with me, as it always helps to see what other people have done in the past.

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