An important facet of sustainable architecture is to reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint. Although it may seem insignificant, something as simple as replacing ordinary incandescent bulbs in your home with Energy Star-rated products can add up to substantial savings on both your energy bills and your home’s carbon footprint.

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Lighting alone consumes roughly 12 percent of the energy used to power your home. Replacing bulbs in five commonly used light fixtures in your home with Energy Star bulbs can save you roughly $70 per year in electric costs. These bulbs also last much longer, and, in many cases, can provide an appearance close to natural light.

Since there are many types of bulbs that qualify under the Energy Star program, they created the “Energy Star Choose a Light Bulb Guide” to help you make the proper selection when choosing new bulbs for your fixtures. The guide is interactive, so you can simply make your selections according to the bulb you wish to replace. Then, you’ll be given choices that are best suited to your application.

In some cases, especially when dealing with historic homes, an electrical overhaul with new light fixtures must be completed in order to attain sustainable architectural goals. TMS Architects are firm believers in sustainable architecture and have been long since before it was deemed fashionable to do so. We follow the philosophy of Frank Lloyd Wright, which is to create harmony between the natural environment and human habitation.

We invite you to browse our online portfolio to gain some inspiration for your next project, whether it be to reconsider your lighting needs or to complete a renovation project to make your home’s space more usable and energy efficient. Contact us when you’re ready to make your inspiration a reality. We’ll be happy to help!