Transom windows are small, detail windows found above doors or other windows. These windows are also attached to the horizontal crossbeam, or transom, beam above doors. As transitional elements between doors, windows, eaves and moldings, transom windows are often fan shaped. Besides being used for decoration, transom windows also add natural light to spaces and help with ventilation.

In this traditional Boston home’s family-friendly dining area, TMS Architects placed a transom window above an adjacent exterior door to give the space an al fresco feel, while adding natural light and visually heightening the ceiling.

New Hampshire architects and designers

Design by TMS Architects

One of the places we use transom windows is over front doors, such as in TMS Architects’ New Hampshire lakeside project. Here, oversized transom windows frame the door and a similarly shaped portico. This creates a dramatic welcoming for a home with Victorian and bungalow architectural elements.

New Hampshire home design

Design by TMS Architects

Transom windows can really amp up the wow factor of an exterior, as this ornate door and transom window combination proves. The transom makes the home feel more open and visually heightens the doorway.

While the transom window above this door is a simple shape, the crisscross molding over the glass gives it a decorative effect that’s casual yet sophisticated.

Transom windows look great indoors as well. The semicircular details on the glass add style, while the transom itself allows light to move through the space, making it feel more open.

What could have been a dark spot is full of light, thanks to a transom window placed strategically over the front door of this seaside estate by TMS Architects. It also provides a transitional element between the doorway and the horizontal eave above.

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Design by TMS Architects

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