A few months ago, we shared the beginning stages of a sustainable Maine home in progress with you. This homeowner desired to implement practical, sustainable elements within a traditional, Cape Cod style home. In our last post, we walked you through our process from laying the foundation to completing the basic structure of the home. Today, we’ll give you a detailed look inside so you can see how we’ve insulated the house for maximum efficiency.

Video tour of our Sustainable Maine Home in progress:

Video credit: Jamie Albies of Spraytech Foam in Dover, NH

By using the following features in this home, we were able to maximize on insulation, warmth, and sustainability:

  • Open cell foam insulation in the garage and throughout the lower-level
  • Combined open cell and closed cell foam insulation in the upper level and roof, achieving R-values between 50 and 80 in some areas
  • Rockwool insulation surrounding bathrooms, laundry room, and near the chimney on the upper level
  • An open layout on the ground floor, including plenty of windows to let in natural sunlight, and a fireplace to generate heat.

With the basic structure in place and key insulation elements installed, we’re ready to move forward on the interior build out and design. We look forward to sharing more updates as the home progresses!

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