Between the facades and shimmering storefronts of new developments, historic homes can still be found in cityscapes across the nation, and globe, because of the variety of benefits provided by historic preservation.

Many owners of these homes and properties enjoy a connection to the past that few people experience when leaving and entering a normal home. Having a home connected with the past brings character and life to the most ordinary of spaces, providing homeowners a story to tell guests when they visit.

Historic homes also stand out from the cookie cutter neighborhoods that now exist. When you enter a new neighborhood, you’ll notice that every home looks alike. Historical homes feature pieces of real craftsmanship that bring authenticity to a space. From detailed railing, to soaring vaulted ceilings, to unique architecture, there are features and aspects of a historic home that are hard to replicate.

Along with this craftsmanship comes a level of quality that’s often not used in construction these days. From sturdier frames to building techniques that allow a home to stand firm for hundreds of years, no matter what’s thrown at it, there are multiple benefits of historical home construction.

Historic preservation is not just a job, it’s a discipline threaded with love. Many secrets hide in historic homes and finding these secrets can bring many hours of joy to both historians, historic preservationist and homeowners alike.

Restoring Historic Homes and Buildings

If you currently live in a historical home, but are considering a move, you may want to think about preserving and renovating the property you currently live in. From restoring the inside to building on additions that blend in to your original building, a restoration project can provide a design that suits your families needs, while preserving the integrity and history of your home and surroundings.

TMS Architects can help you with your home’s historic preservation. We can navigate the process of restoring your historic home so that it’s both beautiful and enjoyable for many more years to come.