After stepping inside the Portsmouth Music Hall, you’re immediately greeted with a burst of color. What’s beautiful about this experience is not only the various tones and shades seen throughout the historical landmark, but the fact that these colors tell the story of the Music Hall’s past and present as an enduring cultural center for the community.

Helping to revive and remodel the Music Hall was an incredible experience for our team here at TMS Architects. It gave us the opportunity to restore the Music Hall’s original colors while also adding new color to keep the theatre relevant and radiating for generations to come. Both the original palette and the new hues work together in reflecting the community and history of Portsmouth.

In the auditorium, we added fresh paint in rich colors to revive the dramatic feel, as well as new gilding on the railings, trim and moulding to bring back the glamorous sparkle meant to gleam and shine before and after the lights are dimmed for the main event.

The murals on the domed ceilings that were uncovered during the restoration were a truly exciting discovery! Our next mission then became to restore these beautiful works of art to their original glory. The dome ceilings now tell the tale of the Hall’s original inspirations, founders and builders through graceful imagery and illustrious color.

The lobby was where we were able to represent the modern community of Portsmouth with its vibrancy and energy. Gilded Greek Doric columns make a sophisticated statement while electric blue and green LED lighting illuminates ceiling architecture to excite and build suspense for what’s to come.

Modern architecture comes in the form of a whimsical, fantasy forest we created with cast bronze trees and branches that twist and turn amidst more LED lighting for a phenomenal effect that ignites the imagination.

You can view more of these brilliant colors that now light up the Historic Portsmouth Music Hall since it was restored and renovated by browsing through our project portfolio on our website. To learn more about our historic preservation work, contact us online or by calling 603-436-4274.

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