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There may be no word that strikes fear into the hearts of homeowners in quite the same way as this simple one: renovations. It brings to mind endless days of contractors tramping in and out of your house, strange problems that seem to grow unceasingly, and mystifying bills that breed themselves. Things that would never have been a thought before – how long can the kids do homework in the garage during this project? – become a daily focus in lives where days are already full. But renovations don’t have to be a spiraling, time-consuming era of stress when they can instead be an exciting time of possibility – even during this busiest time of the year. The thing most often forgotten when thinking about the word “renovations” is that “renovations” don’t have to be enormous, expensive, or time-consuming to make a massive impact on redesigning a space into new life. When it comes to innovative choices in beautiful spaces, the tiniest of details can make the most magnificent change.

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Lighthouse Cove Cottage

There is little as thrilling, rewarding, and overwhelming as building an entire home of your own. To create the spaces of your dreams, and fulfilling the scope of your future. To build the ideal place into which you and yours can grow, and making it entirely your own. But while the final image of your complete fantasy might rest easy and fully illustrated in your mind, the actual steps taken between the first turn of soil in a shovel to the finishing beauty of your new house can be daunting. With just a few tips and considerations, the process of building your dream home can be kept from becoming a nightmare.

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On January 22, 2016, The American Institute of Architects New Hampshire Chapter (AIANH) announced the recipients of its 2016 Annual Excellence in Architecture Design Awards.

This is the highest recognition of architecture that exemplifies excellence in overall design, including aesthetics, clarity, creativity, appropriate functionality, sustainability, building performance, and appropriateness with regard to fulfilling the client’s program. We’re pleased to share that two designs by TMS Architects were selected as winners in this year’s award ceremony.

The 2016 jury was comprised of John Franzen FAIA, J.P. Franzen Associates Architects, Southport, CT; Kevin Herrick AIA, the S/L/A/M Collaborative, Glastonbury, CT; and Laura Pirie AIA, Pirie Associates, New Haven, CT.

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New Hampshire Home recently hosted their Third Annual Design Awards ceremony; a program that honors and celebrates excellence in home design and the creative use of materials in new, remodeled and historic residences. We’re pleased to share that TMS Architects received three awards and one honorable mention for our work! Read on to see some of our award-winning designs…

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2015 Prism Logo GOLD WINNER2015 Prism Logo SILVER WINNER

Last weekend, the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston hosted 2015 PRISM Awards Gala. This is an awards ceremony that recognizes excellence in every aspect of building and design — from construction to remodeling and even sales and marketing. We are very pleased to announce that TMS Architects took home four PRISM Awards this year! Take a look our award-winning work…

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