Bamboo is making a greater appearance in modern home design as conscientious owners and sustainable architects are learning more about this material’s great sustainability factors.

As the fastest growing wood producing plant in the world, bamboo is tougher than steel when it comes to tensile and compression strength. It’s also harder than red oak and maple, and isn’t as susceptible to warping from temperature or humidity as conventional wood products. Add to these factors rapid growth, improved air quality and breathtaking beauty, bamboo is truly a favorite material in sustainable architecture.

Bamboo flooring comes in a wide variety of styles and colors that can enhance any modern interior design. From traditional to contemporary home designs, there are several manufacturing styles you can choose from. And unlike many other flooring products, bamboo doesn’t emit harmful vapors into the air.

Furthermore, the beautiful detailing in bamboo poles can be used to create room dividers to separate facilities in bathrooms, bedrooms and large, open spaces into defined areas. If preferred, bamboo can also be used as unique wall coverings.

What many people don’t realize is that bamboo is also making an appearance in furniture and lush textiles. Combining dark bamboo furniture with lush bedding and area rugs in soft colors can create a dreamy bedroom design with products that will outlast other natural products, while feeling more luxurious.

Bamboo poles in their natural, simplistic beauty can be combined with other natural-source materials to inspire conversation pieces that create warmth and draw the eye. Artistic pieces can be created with simple frames, washed stones and poles to produce open-style room dividers or sculptures.

State-of-the-art sustainable building materials, techniques and energy-efficient designs are just a few of the specialties we have here at TMS Architects. We invite you to contact us to discuss your modern house design today.