Our earliest ancestors understood the concept of sustainable architecture without realizing there was a name for it. They set up home in savannas, woodlands and caverns that provided the proper amount of natural light, protection from weather extremes and plenty of plants and vegetation to survive and barter. Unfortunately, centuries passed before we began to consider these benefits of biophilic architecture.

Biophilic architecture

Biophilic architecture is quite simple. The idea is that by giving occupants a chance to interact with nature, you can provide both physical and mental health benefits. This goes a bit further than setting a potted plant near an open window; it entails bringing in as much nature as possible without actually setting up a home or office in the middle of a forest.

This concept might include gardens in the center of an office complex, a roof constructed of skylights and views of nature rather than city streets or manufactured plants. Furthermore, filtering out noise pollution can provide a calmer environment for meetings, daily tasks and socializing among co-workers and friends.

Sustainable architecture

By incorporating nature into the design of your building or home, such as building into a hillside, your home can become part of the larger world. Occupants are given natural insulation from harsh weather, are surrounded by nature’s greenery and have a greater sense of connection with the great outdoors as a whole.

All of these things create both physical and emotional well-being. People that dwell in these structures are given the benefits of fresher air, less sound stress and natural sunlight. Occupants might also feel less stressed and less alone in this type of environment.

Yes, a building can make its occupants happy

Granted, sustainable architecture can’t miraculously cure depression or rid a person of disease, but by working to provide a cleaner, less stressful environment that eases the mind, people can live in a more relaxed manner. Happier people are healthier people, so contact TMS Architects today to learn more about starting a sustainable project.