The exterior of your home sends a message to everyone who sees it. You want it to appear warm and inviting to your family and friends, while giving an impression of security to prowlers and miscreants. Fortunately for homeowners, selection of the design and landscaping of a home can broadcast the message you want to send, whether it’s in an aesthetic or protective sense.

When used properly, outdoor lighting can not only make your home more attractive, it can also transform your home into a safer, better functioning environment for you and your family.

Types of Outdoor Lighting

Your home requires different lighting needs for different areas. Here are three major types of lighting:

  • Flood Lighting: This is intended for large areas.  Consider a motion activated flood light fixture to give your home extra security when you’re away or asleep.
  • Entrance Lighting: When you come home late at night or have guests, lighting your garage, entryway and other doors will make your home look like a comfortable haven.
  • Utility Lighting: Clearly marking paths and steps with low intensity lighting will help guests find their way to your home easily and safely.

The Problem

If there’s one problem with outdoor lighting, it’s that lighting designs can be hard to perfect. Too much lighting doesn’t make your home look more attractive. Plus, it will cost extra for fixture installation, electricity and bulb replacement. Additionally, an overly lit home is an annoyance to your neighbors and may even violate local building codes. To get the best return on your lighting investment, you should consult a professional architect.

TMS Architects is a New England based architectural and design firm that specializes in high-end residences and vacation homes, as well as historic preservation. We know how to design efficient, effective outdoor lighting that will make your home look good no matter what style or size your home is. Before you begin your outdoor lighting project, give us a call. We can help you turn any house into a great looking home you can be proud of.