After months of continuous snow, slate gray skies, and that endless marrow-deep chill in the air, Portsmouth’s classic New England “spring” has finally begun to pass and summer is mere days from being officially here. The days will lengthen, kids will be out of school, and nights will be filled with warm honey light and cool breezes by the sea. What better way to welcome the season than by being involved in the area you love best? Beat the tourists with some amazing insider events around town, and get the most out of these early summer days.

Clear blue skies, rocky shores, sparkling waves – and the stunning Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. The epitome of elegant seaside architecture, no bright summer afternoon could be more perfectly spent than a stroll down the coast with this vision in the distance. But starting June 5th, the light station will not only be a stunning landmark, but a living experience, with an open house allowing visitors to climb to the top. With breathtaking views and the lantern room itself yours for the taking, this is an ideal way to kickstart your Northeastern summer.


From Boston to Bangor, New England’s rich history could fill far more than an entire summer’s worth of time to discover. Little is as full and flourishing in history, community, and architecture than Portsmouth’s Strawbery Banke, and June 2nd is your chance to become a part of it. In 2015, the Archeology Field School uncovered thousands of artifacts across the grounds of the estate, and will be open to the public for a one-time, one day experience of assisting in cleaning and cataloging these extraordinary finds as historian seek to learn more about this fascinating area.

One of our favorite project collaborators, the gorgeous Portsmouth Music Hall, delivers more brilliant performances this summer as always. June 5th isn’t just another average wonderful piece, however: it’s an exciting and local one. The Portsmouth Symphony Orchestra closes out their 2015-2016 season by performing Sibelius and Strauss, and most importantly, will be showcasing two bright young student competition winners. With a space this stunning and an group this powerful, this event will make for an unforgettable summer night of music.


The number of New Year’s resolutions that don’t really kick in until summer hits are countless, and that is understandable. Trying to combine relaxation, exercise, health, and getting outdoors more is no easy task; unless you’re lucky enough to live in Portsmouth in the summertime, of course. Join your community June 7th for the inaugural session of free yoga in the park, to continue weekly throughout the summer. Grab your shades, a towel or mat, and hit the grass! Even a simple hour visit to our town’s beautiful Prescott Park is good for a person, New Year’s resolutions and far beyond.


If one amazing viewpoint isn’t enough for the first week of your June, another open house is here to give not only incredible vistas, but yet another remarkable insight into our area’s unique history. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Pulpit Rock Tower gives an eight-story view of the surrounding areas and was integral to the World War II defense of the United State’s seacoast, especially the renowned Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and give tours, while scaling the monument for the views alone is worth the trip.


With the early summer breezes just beginning to shimmer through the lilacs on the shore, there is no reason to spend your days indoors after all those months bundled up, and with such an array of events, there truly is something for everyone. Be it scaling historical towers or strolls in the park, archeology digs or evenings of orchestras, Portsmouth opens this season with all the best that could possibly be offered.