Looking to make a statement with a refined, unique architectural feature? Long forgotten in the design world, people are once again starting to take notice of an iconic rooftop structure — the cupola. So, what is a cupola? And why has it taken the spot of the most pinned Pinterest photo for TMS?

Simply put, a cupola is a petite tower or dome-like facet extruding from the roof of a building. As early as the 2nd century A.D. in Syria, the first cupolas appeared on the rooftops of religious and prestigious buildings. Since then, cupolas have been added as visually striking, decorative features on buildings in all corners of the globe. Even  more appealing, their functional aspects include allowing natural light to filter through and allowing for proper ventilation in humid environments.

Below, our popular Pinterest photo features a stellar take on traditional cupola design. Making a statement is easy with most cupola designs, but our designers took it a step further by affixing a beautiful mermaid holding a mirror. This photo shows how cupolas can be devised to appear either ornate or quite simple. The cupola features a weathervane, slats, and windows designed to let light, air, and gas pass through.

Stunning Cupola Designs that Flatter the Home

Source: TMS Architects

Romantic and delightful, cupolas increase the value and curb appeal of your home. While it’s not a structure you typically see anymore, a cupola can be designed to suit a wide array of architectural styles from traditional to altogether contemporary. We love how cupolas bring about images of playfulness and fairy tales. Imagine the joy of lying beneath one while drinking in the sunshine and enjoying an attention-grabbing book!

While cupolas are not always accessible from the home, it’s certainly an option for you to explore. The ones that are give you a lovely birds eye view of the goings on below, but any form of cupola can provide endless satisfaction.

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